Heal. Learn. Live.

Arbutus Healing

We offer an intuitive healing service for people and animals who are inspired
to rebuild or maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.


I am a spiritual & Reiki healer and practice Hypnosis as well. I consider myself to be an honest and genuine woman who's continuing life goal is to heal as many people while on this earth. My no nonsense approach continues to aid individuals and animals with a speedy recovery. Healing your mind, your body and your spirit, can bring peace and balance to your life. 

During my time on this planet I have encountered physical, emotional & mental abuse which lead to PTSD and all those unpleasant symptoms. Through, Medical intuition, Channel Healing, Energy work, Reiki and Hypnosis, I have freed myself from the bonds of the past. No longer do I survive my life, I live it to the fullest! I am free, I am enough, I am lovable, and you could be too.

I encourage questions and so write blog posts full of information that you request and theses are free to read, reflect on and comment. 

As humans we have a thirst to learn and evolve ourselves and this is no different for me. As part of my life long learning experience I have taken many courses and currently have a wonderful & knowledgeable mentor. This, in turn, will be shared with you so you can continue to learn and evolve too. 

Sending waves of healing love, light, support and guidance your way.

Daily Healing

Everyday I carry out distance healing session where I have a list of names from people who have requested healing from me. I require people to register for this service so I can contact you occasionally to see how your healing is progressing and if you still want daily healing after some time has past.